Crimson Soaked

I notice Her every day,
Her puffy, purple-ringed eyes.
Still red from yesterday’s late tears.
Still tired from last night’s terrifying dreams.
I wonder what makes life your fray…

Her small, sagging shoulders.
Weighted by sorrows.
Weighted by existence.
I wonder why you seem so astray…

Her bowed, beautiful face.
Hiding from the big, bad world.
Hiding her pain.
I often wonder if you’ll ever be okay…

I didn’t notice Her that day.

She used to walk slowly.
I didn’t know she was in pain.
She used to gaze into the distance.
And in her agony, I did not know she wished to be slain.

I heard she made no attempt to move.
The driver said she looked into his eyes, but he saw no fear.
I heard she flew many metres.
And the driver said she looked peaceful, crimson soaked, when he drew near.

I noticed Her every day,
I just didn’t know her daddy treated her that way.

2 responses to “Crimson Soaked

  1. hi Lola

    is this your own work?
    its beautiful. sad…but beautiful.
    weird how life brings u to a total stranger, yet u could swear yourl have known each other for years.
    my ex n i met on a chatsite. her name is… well her ‘home’ name is LooLaa. lol

    u know the strangest thing… your writing, this poem…
    its the story of my ex.
    her father treated her that way, for 11 effen years.
    i wish he would come back from being dead so i can kill the animal n send him right back.
    but im glad he is dead n not her.
    a wonderful human she is, a true survivor of an extremely horrifingly traumatic childhood.

    she still battles at times with little things… things which seem little to us normal people.
    theres a void in her mind, having been robbed of a childhood.
    she is 31 yrs, the abuse stopped when she was 15.
    she still does think of suicide…on rare occasions.
    she knows she will not take her life, but thinks of it out of ‘habit, coz she had contemplated doing it for many many years while being abused.

    i met her 6 yrs ago and in that 4 yrs we were together she would let out the child in her…the child she should have been. she had never done that before.
    it helped her heal herself. it also helped that i was patient with her and allowed her to ‘grow’
    im glad i met her, helped her and n still get to see her.
    im glad i learnt of her pain, understood her hurt.
    im glad i learnt of her passion n her will to survive.
    im glad she is going to be okay.


    • Hey, Kishore.

      This is my work, yes. It was inspired by a girl I once knew, and what she went through. Did you know, roughly 25% of women go through stuff like this? So many, and you’d never tell…

      Thank you for your support, and thank you for sharing your story. I’m glad I reached someone. 🙂


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