Undisclosed Desires

She had always fantasized about it; lying in her bed, the covers just shy of her hips, allowing her smooth, fair waist peeking from underneath her shirt to be seen by Him.
He would be gazing in through the glass door, admiring the gentle curves of her silhouette as She slept, desperately trying to gather the courage to tap on the glass to wake her. He’d wonder how She would react, seeing Him, nervously smiling at her. Would She even let Him in?
He would know he had to be careful not to frighten her, for he knew of her tormented sleep.
She slept now.
There he stood.
He knew there were others in Her home, and he had to evade them, sneaking in silence. His heart pounded so loudly in his ears, it threatened his stealth.
She loved him. She had not said it, but he knew it. Why he had come, he could not explain. He had to be with her.
She would let Him in.
She didn’t hear the first tap. Nor the second, for She was already with Him. She had thought about Him for eons before she had drifted into sleep, finally seeing him in pleasant but distant dreams. He had always been out of reach.
He began to take her hand across the grass, and She awoke rudely, enveloped by darkness, without Him.
Fear shot through her, electrifying her senses awake. Glancing at her clock, it told her She’d been asleep nearly an hour. Now, just past 1am, She tried to force herself not to look through the door.
It was not a harsh whisper. It was not a blunt whisper. It did not call Her. It merely said her name in a voice long since forgotten.
And so She turned to see Him as he stood before her door, watching her in the Earth’s shadow that is night.
She remained oddly expressionless, and she drew close to her side of the glass, studying Him. He would never be able to describe what he saw in her eyes as She stood there.
Her gaze unmoving, She raised her hand above to the bolt, and as it clicked open softly in the silence, she smiled ever so warmly.
She watched Him, while she slid the glass past her face and stepped aside for Him to enter.
Now, he stood before her; both just visible to one another, both hearts pounding, both without words.
His name escaped her lips in a shallow, exasperated breath. Her eyes taking in every inch of His face, finally boring into his own. He stood so close to her, his scent caressed her senses. She could almost feel his warmth.
“What are you doing here?”
He did not know. He could not comprehend his almost primitive desire to be with her. It dominated His thoughts. It brought him here. He had no plan. He had no intentions.
Never had a woman looked at him with such fierce affection before. She felt what He did. Her gaze said it.
The distance between them felt too vast. He longed to touch Her. To feel Her. To taste Her. He would not answer her question.
Stepping towards her, She nervously took a step back, colliding abruptly with the wall behind. Her breathing quickened. The rise and fall of Her synchronized with his.
He would not hurt Her. He would not use Her. The fire that burned in her eyes, burned in his, and He took her Her face in his hands, feeling the heat of her body as he pressed against her. His mouth brushed against hers, and he paused, their lips millimetres apart.
She breathed.
His lips closed on hers, and he felt Her melt into him, powerless, engulfed by the passion that surged through them.
Desire coursed through Her, burning in her chest to her very fingertips, peaking with the fluidity of their parted lips.
She tasted like Heaven, and felt like paradise. The small of her back bent toward him, as He pulled her into him, as if any space separating their lusting bodies were an insult to their passion.
She inhaled sharply, moaning as His hands found bare flesh, tracing the curve of her back to her derrière with hard, unforgiving hands. He had wanted her for so long.
She would let Him take her.
His raw desire pulsed against Her, and she tore off his shirt, letting her hands linger on his bare chest, before her shirt, too, lay discarded at their feet.
With shut eyes, Her lips torturously teased His neck, tracing her tongue ever so gently upward.
She too ached for Him.
And as He lay her down, he whispered that he loved her, and She let his lust consume her, as she’d imagined so many times before.

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