In His Hands, Incapacitated

Captive, nearing a week in darkness.
He keeps her hidden away – from life as she knew it. From life as it should be.
His presence is looming. He is always there – watching.
He has captured her before. He will strike her down again.
But, He will release her.
She lay shackled to her own bed. In her own home.
She cannot escape Him. Anywhere.
Bound, she is powerless.
In His grasp, she cannot function. His weight bears on her, forcing her to stand down.
She is reduced to nothing of her own. She is his puppet, at His mercy.
Her screams fall on ignorant ears, as each time she has screamed before.
They never have understood the nature of His chokehold.
Left to disintegrate in silence, her world rotates without her, all too easily failing to notice she’s being left behind.
She created a safehaven. Void outsiders. Void Him.
She created the perfect grave for Him to bury her.
Fear thrives in her helplessness. Demons rise in her vulnerability. Misery strengthens in her isolation.
She is bare. Unprotected.
Surrounded, They circle threateningly, creeping ever closer.
Whispered words of her worthlessness grow clearer with every step advanced.
Flashes of trauma blind closed eyes, for her mind’s eye remains ever ajar.
There she cowers, reaching out in the darkness, for a hand where she would find none.
There she stood, looking up into a face she trusted, pleading for mercy, as he violated her.
There she lay rejected, racking as her tears stung her cheeks and soaked her sheets.

Repressed memories flash. Faster they spin, searing away her scars.
Every wound reopened, away grates her will to fight. Her will to live.
She thrashes against her binds, trying to overcome their compression.
They laugh pitifully, awfully, and she shrinks in submission.
She is not strong enough.
Try to rise. He strikes her.
Try to cry out. They won’t hear her.
Her tears will flow uninterrupted.
He is a parasite in her mind.
He uses her body, mind and soul – wielding them as a weapon against herself.
When His grip slackens, she feels relief, but dread.
He will return, dragging her further away each time.
Once again, she will be in His hands.

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