Mirror, Mirror

With broken breath, in misty meadows,
I seek refuge, hidden beneath shadows.
In, the unwelcome sense of familiarity crept.
My face in thorns, alone I wept.
Along these paths I would often trek,
Wringing my hands unwillingly from my neck.
I shuddered.
I heard Her cape rustle.
Fear shot down, paralysing muscle.
It slithered across decay, uninvited.
Her footsteps displaced stone, a dance recited.
Fright chilled the marrow, and skin did tingle.
Smiling eerily, a hooded Death had descended to mingle.
Cowering cowardly behind false brawn,
Reluctantly, to Her side I was drawn,
My palm in Her hand,
Wearing temperatures I barely could stand.
She led me to Her dwelling.
Retrospect frantically yelling.
She asked, “Your favourite band?”
As my feet dragged across land.
Her tone not telling,
My heart inexplicably welling.
With 10 Years on play,
Melody begs “One more day.”
Guitars aggressively strum,
Death began to hum.
Paying me no heed, She fills a glass.
Thoughts of mercy, my bravery a farce.
Her tone low and haunting,
Time did slow, taunting,
Prolonging the unspoken reveal,
Anxiety almost crippling me to kneel.
I could do none but wait,
To learn Death’s heavy hand in my fate.
She turned, peeled back her hood.
Revealed, there Death stood.
I gazed upon brown eyes,
Laden with despise.
Her smile twisted in smirk.
Reality shook, a violent jerk.
I reached for Her face,
A sight as lovely as lace.
Veil shredded,
There lay my features embedded.
Terror turned to wrath.
Sounds of ire filled Her chamber,
Death’s stare softened,
My rage turned to dawn.
This well-travelled path
I’d myself drawn.

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